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It’s true isn’t it?

When we are setting up wordpress  sites & blogs, the real reasons we are doing it is to bring in traffic and visitors to either buy our products or services or click on our advertisements to generate revenue. 


The trouble has always been, that generating the RIGHT KIND of content for your blog and getting the attention of the search engines has always been a laborious or expensive task. 

Well, thankfully…. We are bloggers too!!

Blog systems

Our Plugin suite was developed for our own PERSONAL use. We use our power suite of plugins to power our network of over 200 wordpress sites!! (and growing everyday) 

Could you imagine posting to and keeping fresh content on over 200 sites….? Neither could we, that is why we had to automate the whole task and fine tune it to a point where the sites and the content RANK and bring traffic


Thanks to this incredible suite of plugins, theses sites ALL have regular content (daily or a few times a week..), authority pages and the RIGHT linking structure to ‘BRING THE HEAT’ in the online search world. 

These Plugins as a full suite Will Add Massive Power to Your Blog.

Add Relevant, Curated content to your blog on autopilot
Build Instant Authority Style Pages On Autopilot
Generate the Most Powerful Linking System On The Planet
Give You Instant Page Structure Set Up

Let me introduce you to the suite of products you are about to get. 

WikiWord Plugin 

Normally $27

Smart Pages Plugin
  • Instantly add in HIGH quality AUTHORITY content to your blog
  • Sites with more authority simply RANK BETTER. This plugin adds the true authority to your blog based on any keywords you choose
G-Alert PluginNormally $37 G Alert Plugin
  • Automatically update your sites with hot content that google LOVES.
  • Curated content – instantly! Proven to be just what the search engines are looking for, this plugin makes it push but easy to put this highly valued content on your blog on Autopilot.
Keyword SEO PluginNormally $27 Keyword Plugin
  • Turn hundreds of keywords into contextual links and give your Google ranking a HUGE boost – send traffic flocking to your site.
  • Creates deep rooted back links that will amp of the SEO on your site, making it irresistible to Google’s page 1!
Smart Pages Plugin Normally $17.90 Smart Pages Plugin
  • Turn your empty WordPress install into an SEO optimized site in less than 10 seconds – add formatted content, remove unnecessary content pages and even include Youtube comments and descriptions faster than you ever imagined.


Multipost PluginNormally $17 Multi Post Plugin
  • Make multisite posting as easy as the click of a button!
  • Simply install the plugin, opt to spin the content and choose from an unlimited number of your blogs to post to – this will literally save you from HOURS of work!


Each of these amazing plugins are 100% integrated with SpinRewriter!

Since we know how important these are to your success, we are offering an unbelievable one time offer so you can take advantage of the money making power of each of these plugins.It’s simple…

Each of These Plugins is a Vital Piece in Your Online “Success” 

Your Sites Are not Complete Without Any of Them!

  • G Alert Plugin – For top level (google loving) Autoposting
  • WikiWord Plugin – Adding Instant Authority Pages to every site
  • Smart Pages Plugin – Seo optimised Page setup FAST
  • Keyword SEO Plugin – The BEST Internal And External Linking tool Available
  • Multipost Plugin – Connect and post to your own private blog network. No footprints. Just results.

This Package is normally $145.90



BONUS 1 – CB Goliath Plugin (valued at $30!) Instant CB sales from Your automated sites.

BONUS 2 – AutoVideo Press Plugin! Add the power of automated video insertions to your sites too! (Value $30!)

TOTAL VALUE:  $205.90



And all plugins are for MULTISITE Installations.
No Restrictions


Automation Plugin Superstar Package 7plugins total

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