WordPress Plugin Product Review : CodeCanyon Video Player WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin Product Review : CodeCanyon Video Player WordPress Plugin

CodeCanyon Video Player WordPress Plugin – YouTube/FLV/H264 v1.1
CodeCanyon Video Player WordPress Plugin – YouTube/FLV/H264 v1.1
LambertGroup – YouTube/FLV – Video Player with Bottom Playlist

Any type of video file that Flash Player supports can be played with our player:

– FLV /H.264 encoded video : MP4 , M4V, M4A , MOV, Mp4v, F4V

NEW : MULTIPLE VIDEO PLAYERS MANAGEMENT : If you need to include multiple players in your pages with different settings and playlist you can define the players and manage the settings, playlist and css styles for each one. If you need just one player in your website, just edit the default one.
NEW :If needed, a movie can belong to multiple categories

Demo Download Now


To learn more click Code Canyon Video Player WordPress Plugin

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WordPress Plugins Product Review – WP Optin Form Plugin

Discover How You Can Explodes Your Opt-in list Using The Awesome WordPress Plugin WP Optin Form Plugin

Every internet marketer is aware that money is in the list and if You Aren’t Building Your List With Every Blog Post, You’re Wasting Your Time…And Money!”

With WP Optin Form Plugin,you can easily Build Your List With Every Post To Your WordPress Blog because WP Optin Form plugin allows you to display An Autoresponder Opt-In Form At The Beginning Of Your Latest Blog Post, Or Every Post If You Want…”

Here’s what you will get with WP Optin Form Plugin:

Easy Normal WP Plugin Install!

Completely Customizable!

Works with ANY Autoresponder!

Includes Pro Squeeze Page Creator!

Display on Latest, or “X” Latest Posts!

Optional: Display Only On First Visit!

Optional: Email Alerts When You Post!

Here’s how WP Optin Form Work

-Add your opt-in form code provided by your autoresponder company to the plugin. Your opt-in form will now be posted before the content in your latest “X” number of blog posts for all of your readers to see. They can’t miss it!
-You can set the form to display at the beginning of EVERY blog post if you wish, or on the first visit only.

If you want to display your opt-in form on each page and on every post to help you explodes your opt-ins, check out Legit Make Money Online Resources Store Products -WordPress Premium Plugin -WP Opt-in Form Premium WordPress Plugin now

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WordPress Plugins Product Review – WP Stealth Links

Discover How You Can SkyRockets Your Online Revenue Using The WordPress WP Stealth Plugin That Instantly Help You To Gain More Profit Effortlessly While You Are Sleeping Away


With WordPress WP Stealth Plugin, you can instantly gain more profit because it help to mask your affiliate links and landing pages with point and click method preventing your affiliate commission from being theft.

Beside Cloaking Your Affiliate Links And Landing Pages, the WordPress WP Stealth Plugin also creates links back to your website which in turns improve your website search engine ranking position

WordPress WP Stealth Plugin is easy to use and you can edit your links easily and at ANY time, and redirect your traffic anywhere you wish!Even a 10 year old school boy can do it following simple instructions

Here’s how the WP Stealth Works

Step One: Enter Your Stealth Link slug.

Step Two: Enter the affiliate link or any URL you would like to cloak.

Step 3: Click “Save Links” button!

If you are looking for an effortless way to protect your affiliate links and landing page check out Legit Make Money Online Resources Store Products -WordPress Plugin -WP Stealth now

Master Resale Rights Included

[YES] might be used for personal use
[YES] might be sold and you keep 100
[YES] Can give away free of charge to create your list
[YES] might be packaged
[YES] might be offered as a bonus
[YES] might be submitted to software directories
[YES] might be added to paid membership sites
[YES] might be offered by means of auction sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights – recommended Price $17+
[NO] Can not give rights away free of charge. Resale or Master Resale Rights MUST be sold.

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WordPress Plugins Product Review – WP Content Spinner Plugin

Unleash How You Can Turn ANY Duplicate Contents Into UNIQUE to Your Blog without Writing Even a Single Word Using A Simple WordPress Plugin

It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Are Using Rehashed PLR Articles Or Scraped Contents From Article Directories. This Powerful WordPress Plugin Will Turn Them Into Unique To You, AUTOMATICALLY!

Are you a lazy blogger that hates writing even a single line of contents on your WordPress blog? Are you a type of blogger that loves to scrape other people contents from article directories such as Ezine, Article Dashboard etc.? If so, then 99.9% you are using auto-blogging plugins and rehashed PLR articles.

There’s nothing wrong about it specially nowadays, authors will even love you for spreading their writings and the links embedded therein. It’s a free publicity right?

“The Unpopular Google’s Duplicate Contents Penalty”

But there’s a problem on these way of blogging recently, this multi-colored search engine called Google created the chaos! The very unpopular Google Duplicate Contents Penalty thing.

This is a part of Google’s series of slaps… Google simply dropping websites with contents that are copied from other websites who originally published the contents as defined by their robots!

I myself loves automated blogging, I like to automate as much of my income as I possibly can. Therefore, I set up a ton of blogs that pull content automatically to get a ton of visitors which in turn puts a nice chunk of cash in my pockets every month from things like Adsense, CPA, affiliate programs, and adding people to my list.

The problem I was running into is that tons of other people were doing the same thing. The content that was being dripped to my blogs was also being dripped to 100′s of other blogs and I started to see a decline in my rankings and traffic because the same content that I was using was on tons of other sites as well.

People in Google don’t check duplicate contents one by one, as it is next to impossible! ;-) They are simply using robots to check all these duplicate contents and you know robot aint human, it can be easily tricked if you know how!

Luckily, we know how… and that’s WP Content Spinner is all about! This plugin simply turns duplicate contents unique to your site automatically.

This was accomplished by simply changing some of the “code” in the html to basically allow the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to see your content as Unique…So unique that it passes CopyScape every single time, even though it is content being pulled from other sites.

“Totally Automatic And Easy To Use”

If you use WordPress as a blogging platform then chances are good you are familiar with plugins like WP-O-Matic and the likes that automatically pull and post content to your blog. WP Content Spinner works hand in hand with these types of plugins.

Spin Contents Automatically On the Background – It takes the content that is being posted, works its magic and gives you content that is unique to you. Thease all happens without human intervention.

Search Engines Will Index Your Posts And Gain Better Ranking Faster -  Because your contents are unique to you, all these robots will love your sites which in turn gives you a hell of a better chance of achieving excellent rankings. Which of course we all know, means more money.

Easy To Install, No Technical Knowledge Required – Just upload WP Content Spinnerinto your WordPress blog plugin directory and activate. No more configuration or customization required, that’s it!

You see, you don’t even need to write a single line of contents to your blog this is simply designed as a truly for lazy bloggers tool!

See my live Auto-Blog using WP Content Spinner :

Sample # 1 – AutoCAD Outsourcing
Sample # 2 – Best Travel Deals Online

As you can see, contents are human readable in fact, sometimes they’re even better that the original contents! :)

Ok, perhaps you are now wondering how much will cost you to own this cool piece of software and whether we are going to ask for charge aninsane price for it.

Let’s be frank, I am not interested in making an insane amount of money selling this tool. I’m here to help you grow your online business by providing you tools to automate most of your tasks so that you can have more time to spend with your loved ones.

Before we go further and reveal the price, here are some facts you need to know:

First up, understand that there are only a couple of other similar tools out on the market today and one of them sells for $97!

That may seem a tad overpriced but when you weigh it against the potential benefits, you’ll realize it can help tremendously in creating more blogs that will grow on complete autopilot and increase the amount of your sales exponentially. Hence, it literally pays for itself… Possibly in just a few days time!

Furthermore, WP Content Spinner was designed with the end user in mind… We’ve made it ultra simple for you and all you need to do is to install it and will automatically turns your duplicate contents into gold in no time.

Put it simply, this is a complete no-brainer!

So How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?

Here’s the deal:

Now we certainly do not intend to charge you $97. Yes, the returns and amount of time saved it can bring for you by using WP Content Spinner could quite be worth more than this fee.

But we know for a fact that by charging such a steep price, it might effectively shut out many marketers who should be taking full advantage of such a fantastic tool but simply can’t afford it at this point of time.

You see, we’ve been well-known for over-delivering on the software we create and making it really affordable for the masses. Our past customers have all testified to that and we certainly want to keep it this way.

Turn any duplicate contents into unique to your blog without writing even a single word!” It doesnâ??t matter whether you are using rehased plr articles or scraped contents from article directories. This powerful wordpress plugin will turn them into unique to you, automatically!

Works in TOTAL Autopilot, just upload, activate and you’re done! Perfect match to any automatic blogging plugins or software! Outrank even the original source of contents in search engines!

To learn more click WP Content Spinner Plugin

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WordPress Premium Theme -Sliding WooCommerce Theme

WordPress Premium Theme – Sliding WooCommerce Theme

Sliding is a clean and simple theme for WooCommerce, designed by Chris Rowe and featuring a homepage which elegantly showcases a large catalog of products. There’s a featured product carousel as well as two other content sliders showcasing recent and best selling products.
Unique Features

WooCommerce Goodness

As you’d expect, Sliding makes full use of all of WooCommerce features. We’ve painstakingly married theme and plugin to provide a seamless front-end experience. Every single one of WooCommerce widgets has been lovingly styled to match the beautiful design, as has each key component of the plugin such as the product categories, product descriptions, cart, checkout and user account sections. Read all about the benefits of WooCommerce here.

Home Page Feature Slider


There are several colour schemes built into Sliding ensuring there is a look to match your brand identity.
Custom Homepage

The homepage contains three option product showcase areas; a featured product carousel, as well as two intuitive sliders for displaying new and best selling products.

We’ve included two custom shortcodes in Sliding. A sticky note which you can use to highlight a message on your site and a sale banner to notify users when you’re running special offers.
Sale template

A unique template developed specifically to showcase products which are currently on sale.

Sliding Details

Release date: 8th December, 2011
Designer: Chris Rowe
Theme Type: WooCommerce
Requirements: WordPress 3.2+


You can find detailed installation and setup instructions for our themes on our support page.
Recommended Third Party Plugins

Our themes don’t require any plugins, but here are some recommended plugins that will work with our themes.
All our themes are built on the WooFramework

Our acclaimed WooFramework powers all our WordPress themes. It provides a reliable, structured codebase for you to customise at will, and boasts a load of useful features that sets our themes apart from the competition:

Custom Shortcodes

All our themes include Custom Shortcodes that allow you to easily add buttons, boxes, social buttons, columns and more to your posts, pages and widgets.

Sidebar Manager

Sidebar Manager allows you to replace all widgetized sidebars and footers in our themes with unique custom sidebars.

Woo Custom Navigation integrated in WordPress (WP Menus)

Custom Navigation

Our Woo Custom Navigation has officially become part of the WordPress core. WP Menus allows you to customize the themes navigation to include pages, categories and custom links.

Built-in SEO options

We help you take control of your search engine readiness with in-built theme options. Our themes also support the commonly used SEO plugins ‘All-in-One SEO’ and ‘Headspace 2′.

Backend theme options

Making simple changes without editing code, like adding your own logo, changing to an alternate color style, adding Google Analytics code, couldn’t be easier with our WordPress backend theme option’s panel.

Cross-browser compatible
We’ve tested our themes to ensure they are compatible with all the modern web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. They should also all be web standards compliant.

Auto-sizing thumbnails

An image re-sizer script built into the Woo framework automatically scales your post images for pixel perfect display in our templates. No need to upload new cropped images when re-designing your website.

Localized for translations

WooThemes come packaged with a language file for easy WordPress theme translations into your desired language – editing one neat little file without hunting down text in all our theme templates.

Custom page templates
Our themes come packaged with a full width page template without the sidebar, and site map/archives page templates for efficient quick links to all the hidden posts you wrote ages ago that still deserve to be seen.

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To order your copy of WordPress Premium Theme -Sliding WooCommerce Theme, check out

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WordPress WooCommerce Collaboration Theme – WP WooCommerce Rustik Theme

WordPress WooCommerce Collaboration Theme – WP WooCommerce Rustik Theme

Rustik is a beautiful minimalist WordPress+WooCommerce theme that makes your products the center of attention. You can create your own logo on the fly in the theme options with a selection of 400+ fonts, and any font size, font style and font color.The theme comes with two readymade color schemes and you can adjust many color options from the theme admin to give it your own style.


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WordPress eCommerce Theme -WP WPA Storefront

Premium WordPress eCommerce Theme-
WPA StoreFront


Store Front Premium WordPress Theme is an ecommerce WordPress theme from Templatic that allows you to create an online store website with WordPress. The Store theme comes with 5 alternative colour schemes and has a long list of features and options (see below) making it easy to setup and run an ecommerce WordPress site selling digital or physical products.
Store Front Premium WordPress Theme
Store Front Premium WordPress Theme

Store Front WordPress Theme Features

  • Alternative Colour Schemes


Best e-commerce theme so far with balanced features! Create your own online store
easily in wordpress. It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional
Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily
manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.


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slink” title=”WordPress” href=”http://wordpress.org” rel=”homepage”>WordPress eCommerce Theme -Store Front



Best e-commerce theme so far with balanced features! Create your own online store
easily in wordpress. It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional
Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily
manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.


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